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Amazing Caring Hands Homecare offers a wide range of non-medical in-home care services for individuals who may need such care due to disability, injury, or medical condition.

Amazing Caring Hands Homecare offers services such as:

We also offer:

  • Senior Care
  • Private Sitter
  • Traveling Assistance Program
  • Home Alone Program

We understand that not all clients have similar needs at home. It is right not to use just a single approach for their care. To properly address yours or your loved one’s needs, our care coordinator will conduct a home assessment.

Along with your preferences, the results and findings of the assessment will then be used as basis for the creation of your care plan. The care plan will be personalized according to your unique situation.

Our team of qualified caregivers are ready to assist and support you or your loved one at home. Schedule an assessment online or contact us at 817-458-3382 to talk about our services.